Datatim's scalable product offerings allow you to start with one of our standard products and then add modules to grow the functionality as per your requirements. We also offer customization services to tailor your System to your operational model.


The Datatim Capture System allows the user to input load data, manage the incoming documentation and follow through with the invoicing of completed loads.


The Datatim Manage System allows the user to assign specific vehicles and drivers to loads and monitor and track the status of the load from send-in, confirmation, on route and finally off-loading.

Additional functionality includes quick setup for Bulk Contracts, monitoring and managing of Incidents, monitoring and managing of Diesel Bowsers and Transactions and capturing of peripheral Creditor and Vehicle expenses.


The Datatim Schedule System allows the user more control over the planning and scheduling process through a digital ‘Whiteboard Screen’.

From this screen the user can see all available loads and available vehicles for a specific region and can then schedule all loads for the day.

In addition to the scheduling functionality, the user can also manage the driver debriefing process through the Schedule System.


The Datatim Manifest System allows the user to create multiple waybills and assign these waybills to a manifest load.

Should the load be travelling cross-border, necessary border documentation can be created directly through the System. These loads can also be scheduled, tracked and processed as per the Datatim Schedule System.

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